How to determine the term and date of childbirth

How to determine the term and date of childbirth

Determination of term of pregnancy and date of estimated childbirth has important practical value. Knowing them, it is possible to monitor development of a fruit in dynamics, to diagnose probable complications of pregnancy (for example, premature birth) and also to have a possibility of timely granting a prenatal holiday.


1. One of ways – definition by date of the last periods. However this method can be used only at women with a regular menstrual cycle. Otherwise errors in calculations are possible. Take the personal calendar and count, how many weeks passed from its first day. It will also be pregnancy term. For definition of date of estimated childbirth the formula Negelya is used. Count of the first day monthly 3 months back and add to them 7 days.

2. It is possible to recognize the term of pregnancy and date of childbirth by date of an ovulation. The ovulation happens in the middle of a cycle, usually for 12-16 days if to consider from the first day of periods. More often during this period there is also a conception. Since the chosen moment count the term of pregnancy and add 2 weeks. For finding of date of childbirth of date of an ovulation take away 3 months and 7 days or add 38 weeks. The similar way is ideal for the women who became pregnant in the artificial way.

3. The gynecologist according to a vaginal research can establish pregnancy term. It determines the size of a uterus which gradually increases in sizes. On later terms the uterus is well probed through a stomach, and the doctor measures the volume of a stomach and height of standing of a bottom of a uterus over a bosom by means of a centimetric tape. It should be noted that this method not always is reliable. Quite often the sizes of a uterus can be more (at a mnogovodiya, myoma, polycarpous pregnancy) or less (at a hypotrophy of a fruit, lacks of water) the put norms.

4. One more method - ultrasonography (ultrasonography). During the procedure the measurement of the sizes of a fruit which correspond to a certain term of pregnancy is taken. The way in the first trimester is most exact. In the subsequent time errors in establishment of number of weeks of pregnancy since each growing fruit has the constitutional features are possible. Sometimes future mother and the child can have some pathologies (for example, diabetes at the woman, a fruit hypotrophy) promoting an inhibition of growth and development of an embryo or its excessive growth.

5. It is possible to find the term of pregnancy and date of estimated childbirth on the first stir of a fruit. Usually primipara future mom feels it in 20-21 weeks of pregnancy, povtornorodyashchy – from 18-19 weeks. To count pregnancy term, to date of the first stir add 5 lunar months. If childbirth the second – 5.5 months.

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