How to develop assiduity at the child

How to develop assiduity at the child

At you the little fidget who cannot quietly live minute grows? The kid, having begun to build a tower of cubes, immediately switches to other game without having finished begun. While the child is small, such activity does not bring big trouble upon parents. But with age the children's restlessness can become the real problem, especially at school. Therefore you have to teach the kid to be more attentive and consecutive.


1. Set an accurate day regimen and adhere to it. Try not to break a daily routine without special need - it will help to organize the child. The child, approximately knowing the action plan per day, is quieter.

2. Walk in the fresh air more often. Practice outdoor games, let the kid be in plenty run, naprygatsya and will splash out excess energy. Be chosen to the park or to the country, organize picnics outdoors.

3. Limit watching TV and time spent at the computer. Encourage games in which the attention and assiduity is required. Various designers, puzzles and puzzles will help to develop concentration and patience. Acquire several sets for children's creativity. Drawing and a molding from plasticine too excellent pastime which will a little calm the little fidget. You praise the kid for the beautiful drawing or a collected puzzle, it will stimulate him to further classes.

4. The good way of education of assiduity is a joint work. Many kids like to help parents with household affairs, they is constant "put the curious noses" in classes of adults. Do not banish the child, whenever possible allow it to you to help with household chores. The baby will laboriously try to perform adult work, at the same time you not only teach him to patience, but will pass on a part of the useful experience.

5. When the kid a little grows up, charge to it to perform any homework. If the child asks to bring the pet, then agree that he will care for him.

6. Do not wait for fast results at once, for couple of days you do not accustom the little activist to patience and assiduity. You do not become angry and do not compare the child to other children even if the neighbour's boy Mischa can collect half an hour a puzzle, and your fidget does not hatch out behind this occupation more than 15 minutes. You do not press on the kid, just continue to be engaged with him and results will please you, just everything is good in its season.

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