How to develop children gifted

How to develop children gifted

Many parents wishing good luck to the children consider that the endowments are a key to future success and prosperity. Techniques of "cultivation of little geniuses" is invented much. And many of them meet in the basic moments, the children helping to develop gifted.


1. Begin to be engaged as soon as possible. At early age the child is capable to acquire the most various knowledge with ease. It is necessary to play with the kid the developing games about one year. Up to five years the child has an expansion of opportunities of a genotype, i.e., even without having hereditary tendency to something, he all the same will be able to learn it to master a foreign language, for example.

2. Paste on wall-paper in the children's room of a reproduction of world art masterpieces. If the child sees them since childhood and to consider, then it will influence his esthetic perception of the world, taste and intelligence. With the same purpose it is useful for children to put works by the famous composers, but not in the distorted "children's" option, and in usual.

3. Acquaint the kid with letters and figures until he learned to go yet. Offer him pencils, paints, handles, musical instruments, etc. The sensitive periods are so short that there is a danger to pass them. Therefore, the earlier the child will get acquainted with all possible ways to express himself, the better.

4. Getting toys, first of all be guided by what benefit it can bring for development of endowments and intelligence of the kid. All games in your house have to be developing. It does not mean that dolls and the machine cannot be bought! With them it is possible to think up a set of the interesting developing games: "School", "Theatre", "Family", etc. But also do not get too many toys - the attention of the child will dissipate, and he will learn nothing, grabbing one, another.

5. Communicate with the child. That communication was useful, do not try to pronounce a lot of clever and unclear to the kid words. Tell a little better, but surely explain them to him. Subjects choose the most various: animals, seasons, space, etc. The child's outlook, the better will be more extensive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team