How to develop creative abilities of children

How to develop creative abilities of children

Each person understands that development of creative abilities in children is a guarantee of education of harmoniously developed, interesting and creative personality. Even if the future of your child will not be connected with any creative activity, then it does not mean that such abilities will not be necessary for it. Perhaps to earn a living it and will be something another, however good, highly paid work without creative does not happen. And in private life without creativity it is impossible in any way.

It is required to you

  • Desire and time. And of course, additional applied materials (paints, plasticine, musical instruments, etc.). However you can vary a set of these things at own will.


1. First of all create all conditions for creativity. That is buy necessary materials, choose time for classes. The child will need at first your management and the help.

2. Always approve and encourage your child if he decided to be engaged in creativity. Never you should abuse or punish him for it. Even if the child all was soiled by paints and plasticine. Try to encourage and develop an initiative of your child, but not to force it something to do without fail.

3. Never forget to compare age and possibilities of the child with what it does. Remember that your main goal not receiving from the first classes of excellent works, and development of abilities.

4. Play with the child. Draw, invent stories, you mold from plasticine, paint, sing. The more you will be able to allocate to time for games with it, the better.

5. Send the child to classes in special creative circles (music, drawing, singing, theater, etc.). Communication with the peers and professional teachers in the matters can also help to develop creative abilities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team