How to develop creativity of children

How to develop creativity of children

Most of children is talented since the birth, just at some abilities are shown brightly since the earliest childhood, and other kids need the help of parents in identification of children's talent. Surely develop thirst for creativity, open for them the magic world of art.

It is required to you

  • paints, plasticine, natural materials, disks with different music


1. You mold from plasticine, the benefit now on sale is a lot of its versions. The molding develops imagination of the little sculptor and fine motor skills of small hands.

2. Draw with the kid, using various paints: watercolor, acrylic and finger-type – for the most young artists. The special composition of finger-type paints is quite safe for children's health even if the kid will decide to taste them. Experiment, draw not only different brushes, let the kid will try to represent something, dipping the fingers in paint, or will make a print of the palm on a leaf.

3. Do hand-made articles of natural materials. Cones, shells, seeds and acorns – all is useful. Take a small plastic bottle, cover it with plasticine and together with the child lay out on it different fancy patterns, using grain and seeds.

4. Acquire to the child several sets for creativity. Now on sale their big variety is presented. These are sets for sewing, production of various jewelry, frescos, stained-glass windows and applique, designers of different forms and the sizes.

5. In art and creative development of the child an important role is played by music. Acquaint the kid with the strange world of a children's song and do not forget about classical music. Children are especially favorable to Vivaldi, Mozart and Tchaikovsky's works. Observe the child if he became interested, perhaps, it is worth thinking of music school. Dances will suit active and sociable children with good feeling of a rhythm.

6. Buy the kid the encyclopedia with reproductions of pictures of great artists. Consider and study fine creations of painting together with the child.

7. Be engaged with children, impart to them thirst for fine from the earliest age. Develop their creative thinking and help to be shown to children's talent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team