How to develop desire to read at the child

How to develop desire to read at the child

The love for reading teaches the child to think independently, increases his lexicon and develops erudition. Most of parents understands that it is necessary, but not all know how to develop desire to read at the child.


1. If to read to the kid books from the earliest age, finding for this occupation a lot of time, but not doing it periodically, the child will begin to be interested in reading, there is an option to read fairy tales not up to the end, then the kid will quicker want to learn, than history came to an end and will gradually get used to reading.

2. Buy books, being guided not only by the taste, but also by taste of your kid, consult on it, he will trust more you and to agree to read the book chosen by his order.

3. It is good if in your house the child since childhood sees big library to which all house will belong, as to the special place. All books have to be kept in an order, it is desirable to develop a habit to make thrifty use of printing editions at the kid, teach him to place small volumes on the shelf allocated for it personally, let wipes dust independently there, and you can glue the come-off pages together with it, having turned this occupation into a game.

4. How to develop at the child desire to read - this question you have to ask, first of all, to yourself. Who as dad with mom is subject to imitation of the child? If you do not read, and the kid does not see you with the book in hands, hardly he vnemlt to your requests to go to library. Children always imitate parents, demonstration of a bright example is the best method of involvement of children to reading. Think of the future of the child whether it will expand a stock of the knowledge without reading, whether will learn to train attention and memory, at last, whether will become the educated person, his future first of all depends on you.

5. The modern world by means of computer games and the Internet entices simple entertainments weak minds of our children. It can cope with it to extraordinary persons if you wish well to the child, become such personality and your child will pick up the book.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team