How to develop ear for music at the child

How to develop ear for music at the child

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Since the birth the kid plunges into the world full of sounds. Being engaged with the child every day on 10 minutes, we develop his knacks. The main thing that musical exercises played games in a form, then the child will have a desire again and again to practise music.

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1. Since the birth we put quiet and peaceful music before going to bed. I will eat songs and nursery rhymes to the kid after awakening, accompanying the regime moments: washing. clothing and charging.

2. From second month we suspend the musical mobile over a bed. We acquaint the kid with a rattle.

3. Since four months we give to the child hand bells and musical toys. We learn to distinguish silent - loud and low - high-pitched sounds.

4. Since six months together with a speech development, we complement our first musical classes with a singsong of the first syllables and words.

5. Since eight months we study noise boxes together with the child. They are made of a household jar, for example, from tooth-powder, with addition of different grain. Prepare noise boxes with millet, buckwheat and peas.

6. Since 1 we begin to study songs. We note for ourselves favourite songs by the child.

7. Since 1.5 - 2 we study children's musical instruments: tambourine, drum, accordion, xylophone. We learn to distinguish a genre and the nature of music. We clap a rhythm of the sounding music.

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