How to develop fine motor skills of hands at the child

How to develop fine motor skills of hands at the child

The ability to work hands, or fine motor skills are one of the major qualities which needs to be developed at the child up to 7 years. Development of this quality is closely interconnected with the level of formation of other qualities of the preschool child, such as informative abilities, memory, thinking, speech, orientation in space. And, of course, degree of ability to work hands in many respects defines readiness for school at future first grader, success of his further mastering writing skills.

For development of skill of fine motor skills in kids there is a big variety of methods.

Finger-type gymnastics. The child is offered to represent various objects and movements by means of fingers, to shift and move apart fingers serially on the left and right hand and also at the same time.  

Logoritmichesky exercises are the active movements of fingers of hands according to the rhythm set by the adult by means of special poems or songs.  

Games with finger-type theater. Mini-performances not only will help with improvement of skill of fine motor skills, but also will contribute to development of speech and level of imagination of the kid.  

Performance of various movements with objects by means of fingers. It can be rolling of a pencil, nuts or a small ball, shifting of calculating sticks, grab of objects tweezers or clothespegs, games with lacings, beads, beads. Technology of art therapy, or drawing by finger-type paints. Vykladyvaniye of patterns from a mosaic. A molding of compositions, figures from plasticine, kinetic sand or the salty test.

Games with paper, for example, its folding or rolling in a ball, a game in "snowballs", production of "fragmentary" appliques.

Games with grain. It is possible to suggest the kid to pour grain from one capacity into another, to sort by types, to lay out various images from grain.

Actions with buttons: they can be clasped, undone, string on tapes and laces, to spread various compositions.

Besides, parents should not forget also about the sufficient level of physical activity of the child. And visa (for example, on "the Swedish wall") create to a lasagna conditions for strengthening of palms and fingers of the kid, development of force of a brush.

Thus, parents can turn the major task of development of fine motor skills into an easy and easy game. The main thing is not to forget about regularity and systematicity of exercises, especially, if the kid does not attend kindergarten.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team