How to develop hearing at the child

How to develop hearing at the child

Good hearing is one of the most important conditions of formation of the speech at children. Therefore it is necessary to develop hearing since the birth, it will allow to avoid emergence of speech defects.


1. All know that it is necessary to begin to talk to the kid since the birth: to read aloud, to sing children's songs and lullabies, to tell nursery rhymes, but not all understand what impact it has on hearing development. According to experts, nursery rhymes and lullabies have rhythmics, very light for perception by the child. Also the meaning of what was said, the main thing that the voice at the same time was quiet and benevolent is not important at all.

2. Rattles, hand bells are a too not useless invention. With their help give the classes aimed not only at the hearing development, but also on development of fine motor skills and sight. Quietly call a hand bell at first on the one hand and wait that the baby turned the head towards a sound, then do the same on the other hand. At regular trainings the kids can very quickly learn to find eyes a subject which makes a sound. It is one of the most effective exercises aimed at the development of a sound.

3. Many parents till the birth of the child begin to make plans for his future. And often first place in them is won by a dream that their ingenious child will surely study at music school and the nobility at least two languages. Except desire of the child and abilities for implementation of these plans it is necessary to have ear for music. For its development during wakefulness it is useful for kid to include a sound background: singing of birds, murmur of the forest, classical music.

4. Developing hearing of the child, you help it to seize oral speech quicker. Such children practically have no defects of the speech as they well developed phonemic hearing: children well hear and distinguish all sounds and respectively can correctly reproduce them and orally, and on the letter. Mistakes meet at them when writing words, similar on sounding, for example, a fox wood much less often. It significantly increases the level of literacy and facilitates process of training at school.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team