How to develop in itself telepathic abilities

How to develop in itself telepathic abilities

Probably, many at least once in life came up against such situation: you go about the own business and suddenly the thought suddenly appears to call any person, for example, to the friend with whom did not communicate long ago. You call, and the person says: "It is necessary, I just wanted to contact you". It is possible to call a similar situation manifestation of one of telepathy forms.

What is telepathy?

The term "telepathy" was for the first time used by the English philosopher, professor Meyer. The knowing people claim that telepathic it is possible to transfer images, the representations, experiences and processes happening in subconsciousness. In some cases telepathy it is possible to call transfer of separate words and their combinations. An indispensable condition of telepathy – lack of a possibility of the tactile, sound or any other contact transferring and accepting.

It is difficult to find the similar phenomena, most often because the image of people which came from the outside cannot distinguish from own thought. It just says: "I have a presentiment".

Telepathy is inherent in people. Many proofs collected about it. This ability is expressed in the form of fancies, worry, motives to action. Parapsychologists call telepathy of manifestation of biotelecommunications, and a telesteziya – a biotelelocation. Sometimes these abilities express one general concept – estratouch perception. Researchers have no uniform understanding of ekstrasensorny perception. Some consider it perception by means of some unknown sense organs. Others believe that at telepathy neural structures of a cerebral cortex or a subcortex are involved. If the person perceives others thoughts, it does not mean that he understands them. For this purpose a certain standardization of thinking is required. In order that people could understand each other, they need to develop certain "language" of communication.

How to develop telepathic abilities?

There is an exercise for telepathy development. Its carrying out requires at least three persons. On a clean sheet of paper it is necessary to draw five figures which are well remembered: circle, triangle, square, star, cross. One of participants remembers one figure, and further represents it, having closed eyes. When it "emerges" before his eyes then that it went to "air". At this moment other participants have to tell the first word which came to mind. The main thing is not to think because the logic begins to work. It is possible to develop abilities also in public transport. Try to guess who will get off at the next stop what the specific person thinks of. It is necessary to do it easily, without using the efforts and deriving pleasure from process. Try to control the thoughts as you keep the words under control. Strangers because less energy is spent help to read pure thoughts easier.

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