How to develop intelligence of the kid

How to develop intelligence of the kid

The American psychologists, neurobiologists and pediatricians of the Veynsky university in Detroit conducted a number of researches which help to understand mechanisms of formation of children's intelligence.

In one of experiments the scientists asked pregnant women to call age at which, according to them, children begin to realize surrounding reality. Generally called later term 2 — 3 months and only 13% of future mothers considered that the child begins to perceive the world already since the birth. After the birth of kids of family, participating in poll, were observed for a year. And, though newborn children practically differed in nothing from each other, by a year the level of psychomotor and intellectual development began to differ considerably. The highest level was reached by those children whose mothers were sure of their early development.

What is this fact explained by? Everything is simple, such mothers knew about the child's opportunities more and therefore were much more sympathetic verbally and emotionally. They were engaged with children more, talked, selected age-appropriate game material and the stimulating exercises, allowed to explore the world around.

It is important to enrich, in addition to confidence in early development of the kid, the diet with fish and seafood dishes. Scientists proved that food, the containing acid omega-3 with which fish is rich positively affects development of a brain of the baby, besides, helps to prevent a postnatal depression. Many future mothers completely exclude seafood from the menu, being afraid of risk of injury of a brain of the child by compounds of mercury which collect in large numbers in fish. The project manager doctor Coen notes that it is necessary to exclude from a diet only fish of the large sizes, for example, a swordfish. But it is useful to diversify the menu with a cod, a tuna and shrimps.

For this reason the kid will be the cleverest if mom begins to communicate with him and to develop him from the cradle, and it is better already when it still is in a womb.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team