How to develop kids it is easy and free

How to develop kids it is easy and free

Early development became the real cult at modern parents. To be a good parent, it is necessary to develop the kid from the cradle, to buy expensive toys and to take to school of early development, after three already late! Whether so it? I am afraid to disappoint, but all this marketing. Play upon your heartstrings and earn. And most important and valuable not to buy, and you already have it — your love for the child.

I want to tell about how to get rid of a complex of insufficiently good and careful mom if you have no available funds on purchases and paid lessons if you do not want to pay for the fact that you can if you just do not want to complicate the life.

The first. If you read this article and suffer that you do not attend all "obligatory" class (due to various reasons), already rather good mom means you. You worry whether you do enough, you want to become better.

The second. It is optional to carry out all about what write in the Internet, to follow all new techniques and especially — to repeat after neighbors and acquaintances. At each mom, I am sure, the way.

The third. Let's admit: a lot of things for children become and bought not because it is necessary for them, and for passing of dust in eyes that was about what to tell acquaintances in conversations. You hundred times heard it, chorus of voices in eager rivalry: "And here we! And here at us!". Do you precisely want to live for others and to participate in races who the best mom? Here and I decided once that I do not want. I have two children, the house, work, creativity and it is a lot of another matters. Therefore I will tell about easy ways to develop your kid. And it will not cost you almost anything, and time needs at most 15 minutes a day.

Seriously, why to drag the kid on some next Razvivayka to the other end of the world, to spend time for collecting, the road, to give money and to be engaged there in the fact that it is possible to do houses, without straining? With two-three children on it it is possible to put all life. But when you have more than one child and pragmatic mentality, to a descent see where and what can be optimized. And at the same time all only win, both children, and mothers!

What is necessary for children?

Development, and not early as entice you in advertizing, and timely, requires several things:

- your love and interest;

- comfortable, safe environment, in particular emotional;

- freedom of movement and actions that means — any arenas for half a day;

- access to various materials for study — and all this things in your house;

- stimulation of all bodies of perception: sight, hearing, touch, sense of smell, taste

To develop simple and effective posoba babies

1. Turn on houses the different music, sing and dance. So you develop hearing of the kid, acquaint with the world of music, and dances help to operate better the body, develop feeling of a rhythm.

2. Show pictures and call represented. In each house there are books and magazines, and if to invest in something money, then it in books. Kids up to two years do not need huge library and expensive books! Inexpensive books from the next book, cards with persons, animals, objects (especially those which are not before eyes every day) give work to eyes and enrich a lexicon still of nonspeaking children. It is so possible to get acquainted up to two years both with flowers, and with forms, and with all species of dinosaurs (if there is a wish).

3. Let's play any objects in your house, except dangerous. Dangerous remove in cases, and all other household things — and there are best developing toys. Learning as to treat them, the child learns to cope with them on own experience. Millions of mothers made sure that spoons - cups-covers carry away more seriously and more deeply, than specially bought branded toys. And a variety of textures it what any igushka will not give!

4. Develop fine motor skills — give small objects! The idea to allow the child to investigate grain, haricot, pasta, small buttons or a mosaic can frighten you. Everywhere write that small objects bear in themselves potential danger. However if you are near and control process, this danger only hypothetical. Games with a trifle stimulate the tactile and at the same time speech centers of a brain, and the child who in detail studied everything will not try to thrust it into a mouth any more.

5. Acquaint the kid with folklore of your people. In nursery rhymes, lullabies, pestushka, in fairy tales there are many brilliant pedagogical moments for this reason national ways to entertain and develop children lived up to now.

6. Talk, potter and embrace more often, show joy and other positive emotions. So you load each other, share love, show how to show feelings.

7. You learn to try food, to smell it, to help you to prepare (to crumble, nakidat, prevent, to try...). Open new tastes and smells for the child. So you stimulate his sense of smell and taste.

How and when to be engaged?

Stand, stand, not all 7 points a day and it is not the so obligatory program! Simply, among affairs you find every day 15 minutes on active communication and games, and you keep the rest in mind — music and dances, either books, or shuffle of beads, or driving of machines. Do something from this in the right frame of mind, without pressing yourself. — do not do what to you or the child is not pleasant, any violence and fanaticism. Naturalness and pleasure — here two key moments in all classes.

As you can see, it is simple and does not demand either the diploma, or money. I call positive motherhood — the simple and natural technique of education of children cutting all alluvial and expensive, leaving only important — love and communication. Actually I more than am sure that you already from this do a lot of things, but did not think that it and consists in it development of the child. "Early development" — it is frequent a way to occupy mom and the child and to spend money. And the truth is in volume, any occupation with mom, than she was engaged if only it was near, already develops.

Set an example in everything — best of all our children study what we are able to do. And in it connection between generations, communication of family which will support your child when he grows up is shown.

I will be glad to hear your comments!

Yulia Syrykh. Designer. Writer. Mom. Author of the book ""Positive Motherhood or how Easily and Effectively to Grow Up Children""

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team