How to develop memory at the child of 7 years

How to develop memory at the child of 7 years

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It is scientifically proved that the brain of the child grows up to seven years, and information is processed and acquired continuously since the birth. Mathematical exercises, puzzles, riddles, verses – all this need to be brought in life of the kid as soon as possible. But how to develop memory at the child of 7 years if he is inattentive at school and quickly forgets the passable material?

Do not think that the similar situation is observed only in your family, and only your young school student suffers from forgetfulness and absent-mindedness. Practically all first graders hard join school everyday life – and it is normal. To understand and grab information on the fly, the child needs to get used to new, absolutely not house situation, to learn responsibility and not to be distracted by games and entertainments of friends out of change. The friendly relations in a class can sometimes bring some chagrin – already in the first class the child sharply reacts to sneers and can become reserved. "Rejection" in friendly staff affects progress – if the child is held down, feels discomfort or fear of peers, all its forces will leave on protection against cavils or a vitaniye in the thought-up world. World, where he's fine.

On the other hand – light absent-mindedness at all not a reason for panic. Over time, everything will pass by itself. It is worse if you sit down at lessons, you set the purpose to learn the poem and are quite happy with result, but next day you learn that your son or the daughter could not tell the verse.

How to improve memory in house conditions

The easiest way of a training. Having met the son from school, take an interest about his progress, ask, how was your day, that passed at lessons and that most of all was pleasant to him. Easy communication will allow to execute two purposes – you will approach the child, and will force a children's brain to remember and process fine details. The details you learn more, the better. In the future, the child himself will begin to describe the school adventures in detail. It is necessary to train memory from early age, learning short rhymes or including easy examples. The child is more senior, the thought processes become more plastic, the set subject is processed and acquired quicker. The main reasons of bad perception and carelessness – laziness, lack of interest in study, mental health problems, oxygen starvation.

Memory happens:

Each person remembers information in own way. Someone acquires through sounds, colors, and someone only through logical thinking, in detail printed text, movements or images.

Do not abuse the son or the daughter at all if it is impossible to make lessons. Arrange a break, play the game "words". Pronounce aloud ten different words on different subject. For example: apple, dog, cube, and so on. It is not necessary to hurry, each new word has to have an interval of 10-15 seconds that the child managed to remember what you tell. Write down answers to a leaf. Even if the son remembered 2 words from ten, it is a reason for joy, next time the result can double.

In several hours ask to repeat words – quite perhaps that the sonny smoothly will give all ten that speaks about the postponed storing (the brain postpones information, overworks, and only then remembers). If with memory there are no problems, at a repeated training he will repeat 7-8 words. The indicator from 0 to 2 words will be an occasion to see a doctor.

It is possible to carry out the test for visual perception. Spread out color pictures of animals, vegetables or objects (5-10 pieces), give no more than 2 minutes on storing, remove one or two drawings, take an interest that is absent. It is possible to combine the first test with the second: show pictures, then hide them, ask everyone to describe aloud.

Game to Africa will become an excellent training not only the nursery, but also to your memory. Example: I went to Africa, saw a big red lion there. A task of the child to continue the offer – "I went to Africa, saw a big red lion and a red macaque there", the following chain – "I went to Africa, saw a big red lion, a red macaque and a green crocodile there". The list of the African animals, the better will be longer. Animals can be replaced with any objects of use or animation heroes.

It is not less cheerful to play search of objects. While you make a dinner, find a look some subject, for example, of round shape (plate). Having found a plate, the son or the daughter continue search - the purpose to find all objects of an oval form in the room.

Do not forget about books or a coloring "find differences". The task becomes complicated what on search of a missing detail it is given 3-5 minutes. Try not to load the child trainings – a day enough 10-25 minutes. Do not insist on a game if there is no desire. You watch food: for improvement of mental activity give walnuts, chocolate, fish, vegetables, do not forget about walks in the fresh air and sports sections which stimulate brain activity.

If all actions did not bring result or it is insignificant, visit the neuropathologist.

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