How to develop mind of the child

How to develop mind of the child

Very often happens so that after the child's birth on his development there is not enough time. In such cases quite often parents consider that the kid himself will gradually learn everything, and reduce to an attempt minimum somehow with it to be engaged. To avoid a similar fate, the child needs to be acquainted with the world around and knowledge, since the earliest age.


1. Questions pour from your child a continuous stream, and you do not manage to answer them? If you want to achieve positive result, then do not turn to the child's questions a deaf ear at all, surely respond to all his inquiries without anger and irritation.

2. Remember that performing tasks together with the child, you help it to create a complete picture of the world. And if you cannot answer a question, then it is the best of all to stock up with dictionaries and encyclopedias.

3. The account and oral reading children should train not earlier, than from age in few years. At this particular time in the child there is an irrepressible curiosity. So it is possible to use this incentive for deeper knowledge of the world, and softly and unostentatiously to prepare it for school.

4. The range of the goods provided by shops offers us a large number of the developing books and games. But try to be fond of them not especially. Rest from such amount of the arriving information is necessary for the child. Following this advice, you will be able not only to develop intellectual abilities of the child, but also train it in various useful skills.

5. Here games and exercises which are aimed at the development of thinking, the coherent speech, enrichment of a lexical lexicon of preschool children: ""Drawing"". As often as possible draw together with the child. Teach him to draw the little man, a lodge, an engine, the machine, etc. ""Moulding"". Tear off a piece of plasticine and show to the child as to make a stick, a circle, a ball, etc. of it. Try to cultivate to the kid interest in a molding as it is very important for its development. Game ""Hide Balls"". On a table put three containers of various size with covers and put three balls of also different size. Then ask the kid to hide in a big can a big ball, in average - average, and in small – small. Further it is necessary to close each can the cover corresponding to it by the size. After that to take out balls from cans and to enclose them each other (to hide all banks in one big). Of course, there is a lot of similar exercises, and he can choose for any child most pleasant.

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