How to develop motility of fingers

How to develop motility of fingers

In a brain of the person the speech centers are located near the centers which are responsible for the movement of fingers of hands. For this reason good development of fine motor skills makes favorable impact on development of speech skills and also thinking and sharpness. Some games directed to helping not absolutely skillful handles to become "mad" are given below.


1. Give to the kid an opportunity to play with the various objects different in the size, a form, the invoice, etc. As a rule, children boxes find necessary for a game, plastic bottles, sticks, pieces of fabric, paper and other "didactic grants". Besides, in any toy store various devices aimed at the development of motility are on sale, beginning from soft books with the smooth, ringing, rustling, velvet stripes and various speakers elements, and finishing with the mini platform for games.

2. It is necessary to train the child to pour water from narrower ware in wider and vice versa. It is possible also to help him to gather water from under the crane in a cup or handles (strainer) to catch the small objects floating in a bath. Of course, it is better to show it this game during bathing that it did not wet clothes. There are special clockwork toys for a bathtub: floating hair claws, small fishes, crustaceans, etc., which in the opinion of kids even more attractive production.

3. For development of motility of fingers allow the child to play with bulks more often. In summertime for these purposes it is possible to use the most usual sandbox. Show it how many various actions can be made with sand: fill it hands or a sovochok in buckets, different in a form, pour from one hand into another, sift, you mold a Kulichiki, let it pull down them, tries to make own.

4. Instead of a sandbox it is possible to use grain for games. It is desirable to vary a kind of grain that the kid was not bothered by a game. Pour it from one ware into another, take away a spoon or a sovochok, load the truck, you transport, unload. If the child tries to try out grain - replace it with salt. Any kid will not begin to eat salt, having tried it once.

5. Develop fine motor skills of hands of the child by means of games with beads, buttons, pasta, fasolina, etc. At the same time, surely you watch the kid, otherwise he can swallow something or thrust into a nose, imaginations and not to occupy curiosity by him. Games approximately the same that with grain. It is also possible to make a small opening in a cardboard box with a cover and to show how to push there beads, to display them on cells for eggs. In a word, shift as you can.

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