How to develop self-confidence in the child

How to develop self-confidence in the child

The isolation, fear to make something wrong or just to state the point of view, generates eternal uncertainty in the forces in children's awareness. The uncertain behavior is peculiar to each person, however only at children's age it is possible not to allow serious problems in the future.


1. To develop self-confidence in the child and to avoid serious consequences at advanced age, it is recommended to undertake the following: Insist on that the child stated and proved the point of view on any question, related personally or your family. Motivate it with the fact that to you his opinion is very important. You thank the child if he decided to open to you. Thus, you will promote increase in its self-assessment and significance value.

2. Increase communication of the child with peers with various characters and interests. For example, write down the child in several sections or circles. Analyze his behavior with each group of children, reveal its weaknesses, explain how it is possible to get out of any given situation in different ways and their consequences.

3. Do sometimes ridiculous things. Your inappropriate and ridiculous words or actions will help to develop self-confidence with the child, it will demonstrate that not only he can do something wrong or ridiculously, will see that nobody abuses him for it and offends.

4. Provoke the child to the easy discussions demanding upholding of the opinion do not agree with the child until he does not provide the powerful arguments (corresponding to his age) in favor of the correctness. Award and praise its initiative and persistence.

5. Use installations. You say as often as possible that it responsible, erudite, accurate, attentive and self-assured. Surely support compliments with convincing examples from his life. Accustom the child to tell about yourself such installations independently. Some time that the child really believed that he speaks will be required and itself began to select the examples serving to that as proofs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team