How to develop speech activity at children of preschool age

How to develop speech activity at children of preschool age

The coherent speech is one of important criteria of full development of the child. A task of parents and kindergarten teachers (if the kid visits him) to help the child to master the main regularities of language and to develop the correct speech activity.

Family communication

Active communication in family since the earliest years is necessary for the correct development of speech activity in children. Talk to the child, discuss events of last day, ask it to describe the most interesting moments and to share impressions.

Spending time together, pronounce all the actions, tell the kid interesting stories, read books. Very well communication with elder brothers and sisters influences development of the coherent speech. Also helps to master speech skills and to diversify a lexicon communication with the peers speaking better than your child.

Sing cheerful children's songs together with the child. Children like to dream and sing about familiar things - about themselves, the family, favourite toys and about what they saw on walk. It is possible to remake a popular hit, having made of it the song about interesting events or about family members.

Games for a speech development

There are special games and exercises for a speech development. "Describe a toy" - one of the simplest games for formation of the coherent speech. Ask the child to describe a concrete toy. For example, the hare is a little small animal who lives in the forest and loves carrot. It has long ears and a small tail. "Guess who?" - interpretation of exercise on the description. The toy hides and according to the description of the leader the child has to guess about what thing it is. For example, mom hides a bear and begins to describe him. This big animal, sleeps all winter and loves honey. "Find differences" - exercise developing speech and attention. Ask the child to tell, than two toys from each other differ. For example, take two balls. Differences: different size, color, existence of additional pictures and so on. For children is more senior special pictures on which it is necessary to find a certain amount of differences will approach. Also to children well helps to develop speech activity and to expand a lexicon "work with the fairy tale". At first read the fairy tale, and then ask the child to retell heard. Over time you pass to small stories with a simple plot. Very willingly children retell plots of animated films, doll performances and circus representations. The child of 5-6 years teach to make the story according to the picture or to independently invent a magic story. First lead, and then provide to children's imagination freedom. Surely you praise the child for the shown efforts, it will create additional motivation and will help to improve results.

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