How to develop the child in a month

How to develop the child in a month

At communication with the baby of one month from a sort special attention should be paid to development of his sense organs as these bodies allow the child to learn the world around. Begin to stimulate gradually touch, hearing, sight and physical activity of the kid and you will give it fine start in life.

It is required to you

  • Small pieces of fabrics of various texture, plumelet, massage ball, children's books, bright beautiful toys.


1. The greatest flow of information at the small child goes through touch, this body and it is necessary to begin to develop first of all. Prepare several pieces of matter with different texture, it can be silk, linen, wool, cotton, viscose, fur, satin and many others. Regularly let's the kid touch these fabrics, to feel from distinction. Pay attention to tactile contact: stroke the child, kiss him, do massage by hands and various objects like a plumelet or a massage ball with pimples.

2. Do not forget also about hearing development. The fruit begins to listen to voices of parents in a womb therefore after the birth it is necessary to keep and develop this skill. Talk to the kid, sing to him songs, read aloud children's books. Only at first sight it seems that the baby hears nothing, actually obtained information is postponed in his subconsciousness and becomes base for the subsequent speech development.

3. The bright toys put or suspended at distance about 25-30 centimeters on behalf of the baby will help to develop sight of the child. When he learns to focus on them a look, begin to move them here and there and to remove on bigger distance, trying to obtain that the kid looked after them.

4. Very important during this period to develop movement skills of the baby. Begin with such congenital reflexes as crawling and a hvataniye. Lay out the kid on a tummy and hold up palms under his legs that it could make a start from your hands. Enclose in the handle of your child big or forefingers, wait when he grasps them and begin to raise gradually the hands up that the kid rose too. This exercise develops not only a grasping reflex, but also back muscles that will help the newborn quicker to begin to hold a head.

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