How to develop the child it is correct

How to develop the child it is correct

Development of the kid almost completely lies on shoulders of parents. Until transfer in school you have to be able to organize correctly day, to choose classes and to carry away them the child, and, above all - to behave so that not to do much harm to it.


1. Do not limit the communication with the child. Sometimes excessive desire of parents to develop the kid forces them to leave daily the child for visit of various circles and schools of early development by it. But this approach not always yields positive results. At early age the kid will prefer communication and simple games with mom and dad, and it will affect his development more than positively.

2. Get the developing games corresponding to age. Every month your child changes, and together with it also his interests and abilities change. Try to develop it according to age, without demanding too much. Games have to be simple and clear, they have to carry away, but not force to miss and be capricious the child.

3. Walk in the fresh air. Development without good health will be problematic, and daily walks will be excellent help to it. In addition, walking and meeting peers, children learn the nature and the person. Communication of two yet the kids who are not able to express the thoughts verbally helps them to feel like participants of society, in other words - socializes them. In the course of such communication they understand, how it is necessary to behave with other people that is possible and that it is impossible.

4. You watch closely the child, studying his emotions and guessing them in behavior. Such feelings as fear, anger, envy have to be replaced with joy, love. Otherwise the identity of the child will develop with deviations, and in the future they will affect his communication with surrounding people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team