How to develop the mode at the newborn

How to develop the mode at the newborn

Newborns have no concept of time of day therefore if mom does not begin to organize a day regimen at once after discharge from maternity hospital, the child can easily confuse day with a night. He can sleep for a long time and many in the afternoon and not allow parents to have a rest at night.


1. To develop the mode at the newborn, it is necessary to observe daily a daily routine which is convenient and comfortable for you and for it. Free feeding - upon the demand of the child - now widely practices young mothers, but not always it helps to provide the necessary mode. But feeding according to the schedule, each 3-4 hours, develops a reflex: at the child by the put time gastric juice begins to be emitted, he eats with appetite and eats the put norm. Feeding according to the schedule helps to create the correct day regimen for the newborn.

2. Organize day and evening walks at the same time. Babies usually sleep in the fresh air. If you walk at the same time, at the child the mode of a daytime sleep will be developed.

3. If the child sleeps at home in the afternoon, keep a usual situation. Do not draw a curtain − let in the room will be light, you do not seek to create complete silence. So the kid will have an idea of time of day over time.

4. Stacking the child on night, daily repeat the same actions. For example, after bathing and hygienic procedures muffle light in the room, draw curtains, begin to speak quietly. Feed the child and begin to swing him. Sing a lullaby the song. If such ritual of an otkhozhdeniye for sleeping becomes daily, the child will soon get used that after bathing he should fall asleep.

5. If the child wakes up for feeding at night, you should not turn on the light − rather muffled night lamp light. You feed the child at night silently, do not talk to him and especially do not laugh. After feeding switch off a night lamp and put the child to bed again.

6. If under any circumstances at the child the habitual day regimen was broken, and he began to be awake at night, do not allow it to sleep too much in the afternoon, entertain him, you carry on hands. In other words, the child has to be tired in the afternoon to sleep well at night.

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