How to develop the preschool child

How to develop the preschool child

At preschool age the foundation for further personal development, attitude and consciousness is laid. At the age of four-five years children try to learn the world any in the ways, available to them, therefore development of the child during this period needs to pay special attention.

Development of the preschool child through poznaniyev preschool age the child consciously approaches knowledge process, all his sense organs are involved in this fascinating process. Correctly to develop the preschool child, parents need to satisfy his curiosity, answering numerous "Why?". Not in vain children are called "why-askers". To put energy of the child on the right track, it is necessary to diversify its classes, focusing attention on the exercises and games developing memory, imagination and ingenuity.

Emotions in development of the preschool child

Five-year-old children are big visionaries and experimenters. Everything that appears near at hand is used: father's drawings, mother's cosmetics, grandmother's points, etc. Not seldom parents do not understand the imaginations of the child given for reality and punish the younger family member, teaching that it is impossible to lie. At such tender age children are impressionable, sharply react to undeserved punishment, having nursed a grievance deeply inside. Therefore parents need to be more attentive to the child, to edify in a soft form, it is desirable, to introduce game elements.

Physical training

It is correct to develop the preschool child – means, to stimulate his physical activity. In this plan the outdoor games make invaluable impact on a children's organism. It is desirable that the physical activity of the child corresponded to his age. If the child has sports preferences: soccer, run, swimming, it is necessary to write down it in the corresponding sports section. The sport disciplines, trains endurance, strengthens immunity and becomes basis for a healthy lifestyle further.


Culture to children is imparted since childhood. It is necessary to begin with small: at first the child to learn to formulate correctly and consistently the thoughts, then – to sound them. Parents have to explain to the children and rules of conduct in public places, to impart respect for adults, to teach to be polite, patient, reserved. At preschool age children need communication: in close contact with age-mates and the senior companions they develop communicative skills, learn to listen and analyze heard, to agree or criticize. That is, at the child own opinion and assessment on which social experience, width and flexibility of mind is based is developed.  

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