How to develop the speech at the child

How to develop the speech at the child

It is considered that the speech development is directly connected with intellectual development of the child. The later will also worse exorcise the child, the it will be more difficult to perceive to it the world and to learn it, and therefore it is necessary not only to learn letters and to truly say sounds, but also to enrich a lexicon, to be able to replace and change words.


1. As scientists and physicians established, the child already hears, being in mother's womb therefore the first rule for stimulation of a speech development of the kid is obvious: it is necessary from the first days of life of the child constantly to talk to him, accurately pronouncing words. When to the kid half a year is executed, it is possible to begin to show it various objects and toys, distinctly saying their names. Of course, the child will not be able to reproduce immediately these names, but in memory a certain vocabulary will begin to collect.

2. Any action made with the kid whether it be washing, feeding and so forth, has to blab out and be followed by mummy simple words. For example, "top top" and "nyam-nyam".

3. Well such games as "The mouse cooked a squash" or "Pat-a-cake" develop fine motor skills of fingers and pronunciation of words. It is proved that development of fine motor skills stimulates the speech center. Therefore play with children more often, let's touch objects, different in a form, texture and temperature. Now there is a set of the games and toys helping to diversify exercises. Many prefer to use for this purpose such objects as buttons and beads, but the kid can swallow them therefore the child has to be under constant and vigilant surveillance of mom.

4. Every day at least half an hour it is necessary to find time for a talk with the kid. To lead in definition of the name of a subject or toy. All this should be done with great attention and patience. Patience and regularity – the first assistants in a speech development of the child.

5. If mom notices that the child understands, but finds it difficult to speak, then it is necessary to apply special exercises which will help to master informal conversation of the kid. It can be any available game, but if mom sees that the child lost interest, it is necessary to switch its attention to other game or occupation.

6. The first children's books with bright illustrations can be good help in development of informal conversation. Showing to the child the picture, it is not necessary to try to obtain that he by all means pronounced the word "cow" or "goose" it is, enough, if the kid just points to the picture at the beginning and consciously will say "mu-ma" or "eider".

7. If at the child the strong unwillingness to speak is observed, it is necessary to address the specialist logopedist. The doctor will carry out diagnostics if there are violations of physiology of development probably will appoint drug treatment and massage, at a mental deviation or oppression of the speech center – it will be necessary to start regular trainings on the basis of medical institution. If the reason of behavioural sense, is necessary patiently and monotonously again and again to return to games to a speech development, to exercises for a uvula and other exercises.

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