How to develop the speech at the preschool child

How to develop the speech at the preschool child

The ability to coherently state the thoughts distinguishes the homo sapiens from all other fauna. So-called ""maugl"" - children raised by animals, so never both did not learn to speak and did not become members of society.


1. The child gets the first experience of socialization, naturally, in family. Through sounds of lullabies of songs the kid for the first time gets acquainted with the native language. It is important to parents to pay attention to this stage of development as aged about one year the main skills of the person including speech are put. The first that needs to be done at this age – constantly to communicate with the child. To accompany each action with a conversation, and let till certain time it will be more monologue, but the child begins to understand the words of the native language.

2. The second that needs to be undertaken at this age – so-called "finger-type games". Massaging of fingers of the kid during the game not only will entertain him, but also stimulates development of the speech centers. It is necessary to pay attention throughout the entire period of formation of speech skills to development of fine motor skills. After the kid learns to occupy himself for a short time, and it can be already and at one-year-old age, it is necessary to give it toys from various materials to diversify tactile feelings. Aged from three years the fine motor skills can be developed by means of a molding from plasticine, collecting simple puzzles and different mosaic.

3. Throughout all infancy while the child is not capable to perceive difficult subject fairy tales yet, it needs to be acquainted with nursery rhymes, counting rhymes available to his understanding. Aged from a year, rhymes by Agniya Bartho will become ideal reading – in them the conversation about things and situations clear to the kid is carried on. It is good to accompany reading children's books with joint viewing pictures – naturally, illustrations have to be bright, accurate. Viewing pictures is followed by a conversation: "and it who?", "and how the bull-calf speaks?", "and where at a bull-calf a tail?". With growing of the child the contents of books will become complicated, illustrations will play not the most important role. At the age of 3-4 years it is possible already to ask the child to retell the read history. It is possible to turn retelling into a game – "to read" the book to dolls.

4. It is necessary to develop the speech of the child and in life. When cleaning, cooking, on walk the child should call all used objects, to show how to use any given subject, accompanying with explanations. On walk the child sees a lot of new. At the sight of a birdie, it is possible to ask him to remember the book about a birdie (if such was read), it is possible to ask to tell about a counter doggie, to dream up, for example, where it goes. Any event should be discussed, stimulating the child independently to make stories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team