How to develop thinking at the child

How to develop thinking at the child

To develop thinking at the child, play with it more. Choose the interesting games demanding attraction of logic. Pay attention to actions of the child and also pay attention to creative activity.

It is required to you

  • - puzzles;
  • - intellectual board games;
  • - plasticine;
  • - paper and pencils.


1. To develop thinking at the child, pay attention to its actions. By means of actions and acts children learn the world and learn to live in it. Parents have to spend much time with the child to watch his activity. It is possible to ask why and why the kid performs any given operation what he wants to achieve. Besides, if you want to charge to the child some task, define the purposes of its performance. And if the child made something not so, tell about act consequences. Soon the kid will learn to build chains of actions and to think logically.

2. Creative activity helps to develop thinking at children too. Suggest the child to stick together something from plasticine. At first you ask the child to mold simple figures, then gradually complicate tasks. It is very useful, the kid will create and comprehend at first images in the head, and then to realize them. And for this purpose it is necessary to involve thinking. Also drawing will help. Parents can ask the child to draw animals, objects. Then it is possible to give more difficult tasks and from objects to pass to actions or some events. By all means you ask the child to describe and explain the drawings.

3. Play more. A game is an important component of development and a way of knowledge of the world. Choose the interesting, developing and informative games. The kid can suggest to collect a pyramid or a simple puzzle, and with children is more senior it is possible to play intellectual board games. Play the known game "Hotly-cold". Hide some subject and suggest the child to find it. The child can ask questions to reduce the territory of search. It is also possible to think of some subject. The kid will lead to understand what it is about. Further it is possible to think of animal, famous people or characters of fairy tales and animated films.

4. Development of thinking in children can be carried out also by means of outdoor games. For example, playing soccer, volleyball or basketball assumes use of logic too. The child has to think over the actions, estimate actions of other players and even to try to foresee steps of rivals. It is optional to send the child to sports section, it is possible to play some games in the yard.

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