How to develop working capacity at the child

How to develop working capacity at the child

The efficiency of the child school student depends on many factors. Parents should consider that not only adults are divided into "owls" and "larks". Strangely enough, this division happens at children's age. And if the child – pronounced "owl" at which the peak of activity comes only before noon, then to it that it is quite natural, heavy to get up early in the morning, being going to school. Therefore mom and dad should not be indignant because of allegedly laziness of the offspring who literally by force should be roused, and to help him taking into account features of his biorhythms.


1. First of all, construct a day regimen of the school student so that he slept not less than nine-ten hours a day while he studies in elementary grades. With age duration of a dream can decrease, but it is desirable that even at the senior it was not less than eight hours.

2. Try that the child went to bed whenever possible at the same time. The berth has to be, first of all, convenient, it is desirable with a rigid mattress. The room where the child sleeps, needs to be aired regularly, even in cold season. Because fresh air is absolutely necessary for a full-fledged dream and also for health in general.

3. Do everything possible that the evening period passed without nervousness, any family scenes, showdowns with voices raised. It is desirable to abstain from listening of heavy, aggressive music, watching movies, the computer games sated with scenes of violence and bloodshed, etc. In a word, from everything that causes overexcitation of nervous system also. As after that the child will hardly quickly fall asleep and will sleep peacefully!

4. Charging helps to banish morning drowsiness well. Only several minutes of the exercises executed even at quiet, measured speed are capable to give a good charge of cheerfulness therefore suggest the child to make a set of exercises together with you.

5. The breakfast of the school student has to be rather nourishing, but not too dense, "heavy". It is very useful to include in it digestible food, vitamin-rich and minerals, for example, vegetables, fruit, juice.

6. Even at very highly topical training program, find time for walks in the fresh air, outdoor games. It is absolutely necessary for normal health and working capacity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team