How to dig in drops in a nose to small children

How to dig in drops in a nose to small children

When the child has a cold, it is expedient to use nasal drops. Besides the choice of suitable medicine it is important to learn to dig in correctly drops in a nose to the small child.

Choice of medicine and its application

The doctor has to select drops to the small child. Only the expert will manage to define true nature of cold at the child, whether it be virus, bacterial or allergic character. Together with nasal drops in pharmaceutical point it is necessary to buy also pipettes if the bottle with medicine has no special cover dropper. It is necessary to apply drops very carefully as excess of a dosage can provoke poisoning.

Rules of burying nasal drops to children

The child can dig in drops in situation semi-sitting, sitting with the zakinuty head and lying. It is better to carry out the procedure together with the assistant who will hold handles, legs and the head of the kid. Before performance of manipulation it is necessary to check by the label of a bottle what drops are taken, carefully to wash up hands. If it is required to use the pipette, then previously drench it with boiled water. At once prepare two-three balls of pure cotton wool.

Just before the use of a drop it is recommended to warm. For these purposes it is possible to take them a little in hands. If drops in a big bottle, take some capacity (for example, a teaspoon) then lower it in strongly heated water. Pour several drops of medicine in a heated spoon, thus, they will receive from it necessary heat. This procedure is required to be performed extremely accurately not to overheat medicine which from influence of high temperature is capable to lose the qualities. For burying there will be 2-3 drops of medicine enough therefore you should not fill the pipette completely, in order to avoid overdose. Gain the necessary volume then track that drops did not join a rubber part, for this purpose hold the pipette vertically.

Technology of instillation drops in a nose to small children

Previously clean to the kid the nasal courses by means of the small syringe. Gain the necessary volume of means in the pipette. During burying the right half of a nose incline a head of the child to the left and vice versa. Enter two-three drops into a nose, at the same time try not to touch the pipette the nasal course not to put painful feelings in case the kid makes very sharp movement. For thirty seconds leave the child's head in the same situation that medicine was evenly distributed on a mucous membrane of a nose.

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