How to dig to the child of an eye

How to dig to the child of an eye

Parents of kids quite often meet inflammation of a mucous membrane of eyes which is followed by purulent allocations. It is necessary to consult at once with the ophthalmologist for purpose of treatment.


1. You remember - without consultation with the doctor never dig in in eyes to the child any drugs, except for the boiled and settled water. Consult with the doctor as drops have to be stored. If drops have to be stored in the fridge, surely warm them before burying. Eyes are sensitive to cold and warm medicine is easier transferred.

2. Before the procedure wash up hands with soap. Nails have to be short. Boil a glass part of the pipette. It is possible to use as the pipette the disposable sterile syringe on one milliliter, certainly, having removed a needle.

3. Explain to the kid what you want to make and for what and what will be a little unpleasant. It is possible to promise the child a gift for quiet behavior.

4. Wipe eyes with cotton pads, moving to a nose. If in the opinion of the kid purulent allocations collected, then at first wash them with boiled water or broth of herbs, for example, of a camomile. If there is no pus, then it is possible to dig in medicine at once. Surely wash out both eyes, at first healthy, then the patient. Use a separate napkin or a cotton pad for each eye.

5. Stir up a bubble. If you dig in the first time, then read the instruction attentively.

6. Lay the child on a back, throw the head a little back. If the child uneasy, then ask members of household to support the kid. Hands babies for safety of the procedure recommend to swaddle.

7. Careful delay a lower eyelid of the child down. If the child very much is afraid, then softly both quickly big and index fingers open eyelids. Dig one or two drops in an outer edge of an eye. Blot with a napkin excess medicine. The tip of the pipette should not touch mucous an eye.

8. Allow the child to close eyes. Gentle touches massage eyes through the closed eyelids. If eyes began to water, then effect of the medicine began.

9. Not to injure the child use in exchange an ointment drop better. They have special pipette adaptation which allows to squeeze out drops in an eye corner. Further ointment disperses on an eye independently. Besides, ointments cause bigger effect, than drops as do not irritate mucous and tears do not wash away medicine.

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