How to disaccustom the child is at night

How to disaccustom the child is at night

The healthy child since the birth is capable to oversleep all night long, without waking up on feedings. The similar statement can be met in every second book with recommendations about leaving of the child. But children of books do not read therefore easy having a snack at three o'clock in the morning is not represented to them the tragedy. However the exhausted parents remain far not delighted with such night breakfasts.


1. From newborn child it is silly to demand to wait till the morning with the next feeding, but here the two-year-old who is waking up at times not one time to be supported with kefir, cookies, apple or than even more seriously, breaks not only the day regimen, but also becomes serious test for parents. The child sated at night badly eats in the afternoon, refuses lunches and dinners, goes to bed hungry. The desperate parents unsuccessfully look for an exit from a vicious circle.

2. Such chaotic food harms also children's teeth. Hardly anyone bothers toothbrushing at night, and the small bottle with kefir is capable to become the direct road to caries at all. It is obvious that there is no advantage of night food any. But also attempts of parents to disaccustom the child are at night usually crown a rough protest of the kid. In such difficult situation it is worth showing a certain backbone and to order a children's diet.

3. Allow accurately determined time for meal during the day. Try to give all goodies in the afternoon. If the child drinks sweet kefir at night, stop to sweeten it. And here the morning or evening portion can and be sweetened. Feed the child in the evening with a nutritious dinner, for example, milk porridge. For night having a snack prepare the products, capable to satisfy hunger, but not being delicacy. Bread or crouton instead of cookies, usual kefir instead of sweet yogurt, surely water. When the woken-up child demands from you food, offer him in advance prepared products. If the child is really hungry, he will eat everything and if just indulges a habit, then will demand habitual delicacy.

4. Remain unshakable. Offer the child water. Try to hold on at least for about one hour. You remember, it is better to offer couple of nights now, than not to sleep the next months and years. If the child strongly persists, give him habitual food, but not in full. Reduce a usual portion approximately by a third. Continue to offer it in the afternoon the balanced food at the same time, but at night repeat the former scenario, removing time of night food is closer and closer to morning, reducing portions over and over again.

5. Gradually the stomach of the child will wean from the fact that he should work at full capacity at night and will cease to awake the child. Its dream will become long and quiet and you will be able to sleep, without waking up on unnecessary, in general, feedings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team