How to disaccustom the child there is snow

How to disaccustom the child there is snow

All parents know that there is snow hazardously to health. But for the child this fact is not obvious at all. Having found out that he during walks eats snow, it is necessary to take immediately measures for eradication of this addiction.


1. Tell the child about the dangerous factors influencing the child when eating snow. The first of them is cold. Explain that even if snow would be absolutely clean that in practice never happens, its temperature is always below zero than degrees Celsius. In other words, concerning danger of developing of a tonsillitis the snow is more dangerous even than cold water which temperature is usually equal to about four-five degrees. Besides, snow, unlike cold water, influences teeth. Their sharp overcooling can cause cracks in their enamel.

2. Show to the child of an illustration on which microorganisms are represented. Tell him that these invisible beings are present even at the cleanest in appearance snow samples. Read together with it (at least in Wikipedia) about the dangerous diseases caused by these microorganisms. Pay special attention to unpleasant symptoms of diseases and also that fact that, having got sick with them, it is necessary to go to hospital (children very much are afraid of it).

3. If you have a microscope, in the presence of the child take a sample of snow clean in appearance, kindle it, and place the turned-out water between two glasses. Place medicine under a device lens, and let the child personally will make sure that in it there are dangerous microbes.

4. If the child saw the dog eating snow on the street, explain to him that the immune system of this animal significantly differs from human. What is costed at least by the fact that the dog can eat and crude meat that the person under no circumstances should not do.

5. Make all necessary that the child on the street did not thirst. Perhaps, he eats snow only for this reason. Take on walk with the child a thermos with the filtered water warmed approximately up to 50 degrees Celsius. In the region with an unsuccessful sanitary situation it is necessary to use boiled or bottle water. And here try not to accustom to ice cream of the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team