How to disaccustom the child to a carriage

How to disaccustom the child to a carriage

Quite often young fathers and mothers face a serious problem: their kids do not want to fall asleep in the beds, preferring a carriage, habitual since the birth. Situation also the fact that such children can fall asleep only after a long and severe motion sickness that, naturally, very much tires the parents who were tired in a day is aggravated. There is also before them an eternal question "What to Do?"


1. Begin to accustom the kid to a normal bed gradually. For a start allow it to fall asleep in a carriage, but then surely you transfer to a bed. Let wakes up with consciousness that this place belongs to it.

2. There is it opinion that rocking the child improves work of his brain, well influences formation of stages of a dream, helps to fill up and sleep peacefully easily. And in general, it is natural as the kid in a bosom of mother gets used to a rhythm of her movements. It is possible to treat such arguments differently, but not for nothing from generation to generation our ancestors rocked to sleep babies in cradles. If the child so got used, take him on hands and slightly shake, sitting in a bed, and then put near yourself.

3. Sometimes the kid even if he does not rock to sleep, perfectly falls asleep in a parental bed. Of course, it is only the intermediate stage on the way to his independence, but often it is necessary too. The child lacks tactile proximity, he wants to be with you, to feel your touches. Remember that caress you will not spoil him.

4. If the child is capricious and cannot long fall asleep, put his bed near yourself. So you will be able always to calm, to create him a sense of security. Let will make sure that he does not remain one that you love it nearby and very much.

5. The mode and a ritual of withdrawal for sleeping is very important for the child. Organize it in a certain sequence. And it will be much easier for you to cope with whims. Of course, the children's mentality should be protected therefore if the child does not fall asleep, come to him into the room, sit with him a little, tell how you love it, sing a lullaby, stroke. It is possible to tell that its favourite toy already sleeps, and it disturbs it. Or that she was tired and calls him to sleep in a bed together with itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team