How to disaccustom the child to a dummy: councils of mothers

How to disaccustom the child to a dummy: councils of mothers

Sooner or later time when the kid needs to be disaccustomed to a pacifier comes. Some children throw a dummy. In relation to others it is necessary to apply certain methods. If you worry that your kid is too long tied to a dummy, try one of ways of disposal of this habit.


1. If your child has a dependence to any certain pacifier, try to spoil it. For example, make on it a cut that it stuck together, or tell that the dummy tore. Sometimes the child it is possible to persuade most to leave this subject. Explain that it too big for a pacifier, and suggest to throw out it. Perhaps, such conversation will work.

2. Suggest the child to present a dummy - to a cat, a doggie, the neighbour's baby. Sometimes the kid with pleasure joins in this process and leaves a pacifier. Still it is possible to put together a dummy out of commission, for example, gradually to cut it on ""petals"", and then as though to tell fortunes on it. Or gradually to shorten scissors.

3. Sometimes the case helps to disaccustom the child to a pacifier. For example, it was forgotten, being going to the dacha or in a travel, and the kid realized hopelessness of a situation and fell asleep without dummy. Some children ripen to the decision to leave a pacifier. So parents should not be nervous, and it is necessary to give to the kid time only.

4. Let your child communicate more with children of the age who do not suck a dummy. Children a lot of things grab from each other, and, perhaps, the positive example will work for your child. It is possible to disaccustom the kid to a pacifier gradually, for example, to agree that he will take it only on night sleep, and to sleep without it in the afternoon. Such smooth transition will not be a stress for the child, too tied to the dummy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team