How to disaccustom the child to a dummy: pluses and minuses of use of a pacifier, breaking methods

How to disaccustom the child to a dummy: pluses and minuses of use of a pacifier, breaking methods

All parents pass that period when it is time to disaccustom the child to a pacifier, but very often this process creates a set of difficulties. There are several optimal variants as it is harmless to the nerves and mentality of the child will get rid of a habit to suck a dummy.

Pluses and minuses of use of a dummy

As good points are considered:

  • Additional development of a sosatelny reflex that at early age helps the child to cope with receiving food
  • Feeling of security (especially at artificial feeding where the pacifier replaces a maternal breast), tranquility
  • Prevention of a syndrome of sudden death. The ring on a nipple will allow to make access to air possible even if the child was covered accidentally with a blanket with the head

Negative impact consists in the following:

  • Possible formation of violations with a growth of milk teeth and the wrong bite
  • The complicated speech development
  • Frequent eructation
  • Risk of development of various oral infections

Psychologically sucking of a dummy is associated at the kid with safety, proximity of mother. The refusal of a pacifier can cause hysterics , especially, if it was often used as the child got used to this subject and to it it is heavy to leave it.

The best age for breaking

The best period — when to the child was not executed year, at introduction of a feeding up yet. At such age children have no developed dependence on a dummy, sosatelny reflexes do not need to be developed further any more, and it is easy to switch attention of the child to third-party objects.

Will optimum disaccustom further only in three years when the child begins to realize the events around and  it will be possible to agree with it rather easily.

Undesirable time — two years, is present both age crisis, and complexity in understanding here why it is necessary to refuse a favourite subject.

Ways of breaking

It is possible to disaccustom or gradually, sharply, or to apply a week method.

At gradual breaking which lasts for several weeks leave to the child access to a dummy only for the night, moving away her from a field of vision in the afternoon. On walks the pacifier  is also not taken. Begin to remove it and before going to bed later, replacing , for example, with falling asleep with a toy.

It is desirable to carry out sharp breaking in playful way, having suggested the child to present a pacifier to someone small ( for example, often use fairy tale characters), who needs it. It is possible to do it only with the consent of the child and his permission. However, anyway it is possible to face whims.

The week technique is considered compromise. Five days gradually reduce sucking of a dummy, two give the following only before going to bed and only for several minutes.

How to distract the child?

Distract by means of games or switching to toys, books with pictures, animated films  , etc. It is possible to agree with the child on a campaign in a zoo or other interesting place if he agrees to refuse a dummy. Effectively it is considered to take away a pacifier before bathing of the kid when he is strongly keen on process of games in water and pays attention to the events a little.

It is necessary to remember that to each child the individual approach is necessary, someone will be helped by a talk, to someone games, and someone can easily and quickly refuse such important subject, having only reached compromise. The main thing is not to allow the conflicts and  not to abuse children for a habit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team