How to disaccustom the child to a small bottle

How to disaccustom the child to a small bottle

The child aged from nine up to twelve months already seized necessary skills - he can easily do without small bottle for feeding. Therefore there came suitable time to disaccustom the child to a small bottle.


  • In the first six months it is necessary to acquaint the kid with a cup, it is possible to suggest him to take from it several sips. Thus, at the age of one year your child will already know how to drink from a cup.
  • Allow the child to get used to a cup and to study, what is it, so far he, for example, adopts water procedures in a bath.
  • It is not desirable to offer the baby in a cup only water, and in a small bottle only milk. So the kid can get used to a certain division and further can not become thirsty milk from a cup.
  • If about one year your child received milk at feeding breast, it is better not to offer the kid a small bottle at all, and at once to begin with a cup.

It is possible to disaccustom the child to a small bottle aged from 1 to 1.4 years only with gradual transition to use of a cup.

  • It is worth defining not the most important period of reception of food, for example, the middle of day. Exclude milk in a small bottle at this time, try to replace it, with juice from a cup and firm food.
  • It is possible to dilute milk with water which the kid drinks from a small bottle, and in a cup to offer not diluted. The principle of more tasty food will work.
  • When the kid masters and will get used to do without small bottle in the middle of the day, it is possible to pass to other time of reception of food smoothly.

For children of advanced age it is necessary to select a small bottle once and for all. At this age the child is much stronger tied to a bottle and perceive it as more important subject, than just the power supply. As it is correct to make it:

  • It is necessary to prepare the kid. Some days before this moment, explain to it that it became big, and time has come, to do without small bottle. Daily before this moment remind the child of it. Then hide all small bottles in the apartment and show that they are absent now.
  • Give to the kid an opportunity to participate in process. Explain to it what you understand as it is hard for it, to leave a small bottle, but it is necessary if it became big. It is possible even to encourage the kid if he throughout the day behaves obediently and is not capricious.
  • Always you hold near at hand a cup with juice or milk in case the child will begin to ask a small bottle strongly.
  • Try to find together with the kid replacement - a thing which will help it to cope with grief on a small bottle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team