How to disaccustom the child to be afraid

How to disaccustom the child to be afraid

The children feeling various fears, as a rule, grow up from them thanks to ability to self-preservation. But nevertheless parents should helping the child to cease to be afraid of many things.


1. First of all do not create the soil for emergence of fears if you have a timid kid. There should be no quarrels, shouts, scandals at it. Take the kid on hands more often, embrace, you tell tender words. Such corporal contact and a quiet, stable house situation will help to reduce uneasiness of the child.

2. Having noticed that your child is afraid of something, try to observe his behavior, unostentatiously call the child on a conversation. Refrain from reproaches ("As the big boy can be afraid it!"), from negligent assurances ("What nonsense, there is no reason for fear!"). They not only will not convince the child not to be afraid, but also will undermine his confidence to you, the kid will become isolated. So try to treat experiences and alarms of the baby with respect and gravity.

3. You can gradually try to accustom the child to the reason of his fears. If the kid is frightened by dogs, do not ask it to touch them, to stroke. You go with the child to pet-shop, let he from safe distance will observe animals, getting used to them gradually.

4. Model the situations frightening the child. Suggest it to present yourself to those of whom he is afraid, and represent the kid and lose possible options of behavior. So the child will be able to understand how to cope with the fear, to find over it control.

5. Draw the reason of his fear together with the kid and paint over this "monster" in bright color – that is, win. Or tell your baby that "monster" is very lonely, wants to eat, is ill. Let the child will feel pity, will take care of him, will make friends. Such reunion with an object of fear is frequent more preferably than a victory over it. Because the fear – in the child, it is a part of his personality. And it is better not to destroy this part, and to transform.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team