How to disaccustom the child to be expressed by a mat

How to disaccustom the child to be expressed by a mat

Many parents come up against a situation when their small, innocent child adds a strong mot to the speech. The benefit that the child can again be set on the correct right track.


1. If obscene expressions, in family of the child are norm, then first of all parents should begin with themselves while at least one family member uses foul language, all attempts to disaccustom the child to bad words will come to naught.

2. Some children by means of mats, try to attract attention, in that case it is necessary to ignore provocations. The child soon will understand that it does not act on you also any more the need to be expressed will disappear by itself.

3. If the child badly said in public, do not lecture and do not punish him at all. The direct aggressive ban usually causes the return reaction. Remarks and morals are given alone. Shame the child, tell as ugly and silly it looked and that strangers can think of him badly.

4. It is possible to take the child on hands, shaking and stroking, to explain to him as strongly upsets you and as it is painful to you to become when the kid says, you try to bring up it the good kind child, give it love and care, and he pays you in such frustration.

5. Tell the child that because of the use of bad words, you cannot take it to public places so far therefore it is necessary to cancel the planned campaign on a visit, movie theater, a zoo and so on.

6. Let the child know that if he does not stop quarreling bad words, from him to turn away other people. It is unpleasant to communicate with such person, he does not cause either respect, or trust, it is not perceived seriously.

7. If business concerns the teenager's child, explain that to swear, for a long time it is unfashionable. It is possible to give an example of successful, famous people who achieved much in life, they always differ in the correct speech and good manners, and the abusive speech, destiny of drunkards, addicts and losers.

8. It is necessary to apply strict punishment as a last resort. If the child consciously passed all framework legal, perhaps offended someone bad words, then nothing else remains, surely explain what he is punished for.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team