How to disaccustom the child to breast milk

How to disaccustom the child to breast milk

When the kid grows up, gets used to eat various food, there comes time to finish breastfeeding. How to help the kid to endure the period of excommunication from a breast, avoiding tears and hysterics? It is important to make so that it did not become for the baby a psychological trauma.


1. That excommunication from breastfeeding disappeared for the kid a severe stress, it is necessary to carry out this process gradually. It is better that it occurred approximately according to such scheme: remove on one day feeding a week, replacing it with other food. So far leave other feedings on the place. In a week cancel one more. The main idea is in gradually to increase an interval between access to a mother's breast. Cancel night feedings in the last turn.

2. Be guided on a situation: if the baby it is not ready to excommunication yet, it can be a severe stress both for it, and for you. If the child demands a breast before going to bed and in a dream, agree that it was stacked by someone from relatives. For example, in the afternoon the grandmother, and before night sleep – dad can do it. When the kid wakes up at night, let dad will suggest it to drink from a favourite cup. From mom the baby will wait completely different.

3. Replace feeding with a breast with something like that valuable to the kid. Start tradition to tell before going to bed fairy tales, to read. During excommunication let dad will continue this ritual. So business can go much quicker.

4. Do not tie up at all a breast that the amount of milk decreased. As a rule, it does not lead to good consequences. Everything has to occur naturally, milk comes on demand. If you begin to feed the kid more rare – will come less. By the time of full excommunication from a breast it arrives only when the baby begins to suck.

5. If the breast is filled (it can occur when feeding more once a day), mass it easy movements, using essential oils. On 10 ml of oil from stones of almonds or an apricot take 2-3 drops of oil of a sage. For pain relief in a breast, you can decant milk a little. Approximately one one or one and a half weeks prior to the planned excommunication begin to drink sage broth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team