How to disaccustom the child to drink beer

How to disaccustom the child to drink beer

Alcoholism – the real scourge of Russia. Perhaps, for this reason some parents overlook that their teenage children use beer. Beer belongs to low alcohol drinks. But if to use it often and in a large number, it can cause accustoming and whole "bunch" of diseases. Therefore parents should use the best efforts to disaccustom children to unlimited consumption of this drink.


1. Notations, threats, the categorical bans you will achieve nothing. First, forbidden fruit is sweetest. Secondly, teenagers are very stubborn. Having become angry, they will make everything of the pure principle on the contrary. It is in the same way senseless to prove that it is dangerous and very much damages health. Remember yourself in awkward age: did you often think of questions what will be in five-ten years? Only very few to teenagers it is inherent thinking on prospect. Not to mention that at their age any diseases seem far abstraction.

2. First of all you need to establish the reason which pushed the child to alcohol. Analyze the relations in family, perhaps, the teenager began to drink because of emotional discomfort. Perhaps, he was influenced by the company in which it is. Try to eradicate the reason as soon as possible.

3. Softly and unostentatiously convince the son or the daughter that consumption of beer at all not an indicator of mind, the steepness, independence. Delicately and unostentatiously put some idea to it that that teenager who does not take alcohol does not give in to a gregarious instinct, is worthy respect.

4. Periodically tell the teenager of story about how people became an inveterate drunkard and died. You give examples from life. You have to inform the child that, taking alcohol, it falls by the lowest step and risks to lose all the friends. Show to the child of an illustration which represent what occurs in the alcoholic's organism.

5. Try to take all free time of the child. For this purpose write down it on any courses or circles. But here it is necessary to consider preferences and the teenager's hobby. Let's say he always wanted to practice equestrian sports. Write down him on classes on a hippodrome. Or the daughter dreams to learn to skate. In this case pay for courses of figure skating.

6. Specially developed techniques for fight against children's alcoholism do not exist yet, but you can address the psychotherapist. This expert is capable to help you with the developed problem.

7. Very often consumption of alcohol is a consequence of the fact that the child does not feel contact with parents or is not sure that they love it. Of course, such thoughts can seem you absurdity top, but in awkward age because of sharp change of a hormonal background it is simply senseless to expect reasonable approach to problems. Therefore try to find, despite employment and fatigue, time for the child, to be interested in his affairs. He has to be sure that mom and dad still love it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team