How to disaccustom the child to fight

How to disaccustom the child to fight

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With age many children can not just play pranks and plays the fool, but also to persistently show aggression to people around. Especially actively boys are capable to express discontent. Nurseries of pushing, fists and shouts can arise from scratch and to become the cause of a fight between little madcaps.


1. Even despite small age, the child is capable to protect persistently the position and to defend it without looking at anything. If the child rather often is spoiling for a fight with peers, shows aggression in relation to animals, urgent intervention not only of parents, but also the children's psychologist is necessary. In order that your child did not turn into an aggressor with age, parents need to lead with it constant confidential discussions. For a start it is necessary to explain to the child that any conflict can be settled words. If the child does not wish to learn to agree, tell him that it will not play with peers next time. The fighter has to understand that any prevention will be followed by real punishment.

2. Playing in the playground, you teach the child to interaction with peers, tell how it is necessary to share the toys and how to ask permission from other children to play together with them. Never punish and do not lecture the child in public. It is better to make it the house, having explained what it does not so. Being at the playground, teach the child to meet his peers and also to participate in group games.

3. If the child got used to solve all disputes in collective by means of physical force and does not wish to fulfill the requirements of parents, the solution can be found if to send the madcap to sports section. At trainings the child will learn not only to persistence and endurance, but also will receive skills of management of emotions. Many parents mistakenly believe that if to send the child to section of martial arts, then problems can be solved. Physicians approve the return if the child is inclined to aggression manifestation, team sports, such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey can become the best option of sports hardening of character. These sports train endurance, ability to work in team, at the child the correct perception of group classes is formed and logical thinking develops.

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