How to disaccustom the child to milk

How to disaccustom the child to milk

Feeding of the child breast milk has to stop sooner or later. But some women face a problem when the kid just does not want to refuse a breast. There are several recommendations helping to reduce tension connected with it both at the child, and at mom.


1. There are cases when the child is disaccustomed to breastfeeding naturally. The kid begins to be interested in food which is eaten by adults, and gradually passes to other food. The more nutritious you will give to the child food, the less he will need chest milk. Nevertheless, there are children who cannot independently refuse food maternal milk.

2. Not to allow emergence of a stressful state, do not stop nursing the kid sharply at all. Instead try to reduce the number of feedings by a breast during the day, having gradually left only one feeding. Try to replace at first one meal of a small bottle or a cup of the decanted breast milk. Then gradually reduce time spent for chest food.

3. Some children, when wake up at night, cry. To calm such kid, it is not necessary to put him to a breast at once. Ask someone else, for example, the child's dad, to be engaged in calm process. Keep vigilance and persistence.

4. If your child can already talk and understand you, put restrictions for the place and time of feeding with breast milk. Tell the kid: "I will feed you with breast milk only before going to bed" or "I will feed you with breast milk only when on the street darkens". And after a while just explain to the child: "Now you are already big boy / girl, and big boys / girls do not eat breast milk of mom".

5. Besides, you remember that excommunication from a breast can become for the child a big emotional stress. Therefore try to replace emotional dependence of the kid on maternal milk with any other positive emotions.

6. In addition, use medicines and food which promote decrease in a lactation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team