How to disaccustom the child to night feeding in a year

How to disaccustom the child to night feeding in a year

As a rule, most of kids by a year already strong sleep at night, easily maintaining an interval at 6-7 o'clock without food. But if your kid wakes up, some advice will help to solve this problem and to provide a sweet dream to all family.


1. Sound night sleep on a hungry stomach of course is impossible. Therefore try to feed well the kid before going to bed. Best of all for this purpose nutritious children's milk porridge from cereal cultures – rice, buckwheat or oat will approach. Do not worry that similar food can turn out heavy for the child as some pediatricians speak. There come the moments when the quiet dream of children, parents, grandmothers and grandfathers becomes more important than it. Later, years in one and a half-two when hours of night sleep are normalized, you will be able easily to modify a diet of the child and his caloric content, having replaced evening porridge with a vegetable dish.

2. Before going to bed prepare a small bottle with simple drinking water which will help to calm the kid if night awakening nevertheless takes place. At the same time it is not recommended to give to drink to the child sweet juice or compote. They are capable to increase thirst only. If your kid recognizes a dummy, you should not refuse it how mom tries to disaccustom the child to night feeding in a year.

3. Quite often young mothers confuse hungry night crying with crying when something disturbs the child: the tummy, a wet flank hurts, something dreamed, teeth, or just to the kid hot are cut. Sometimes, to calm down, it is rather simple to kid to hear a tender mother's voice and to feel touch of her hands. Therefore before feeding at night, sort out whether everything the causes for concern are removed.

4. If the kid got used to eat at night regularly, to quickly change a situation it will not turn out. It is connected with the fact that the organism of the child got used to receive food with sufficient regularity, and in certain hours in his stomach gastric juice begins to be emitted, as is the reason of awakening. Most likely, mom will need several months "to delay" hours of feeding for morning time. Use plain water for calm of the kid.

5. If all attempts are vain, think whether not early the kid is deprived of night feeding. Perhaps, mom should suffer a little more, to finish feeding at the right time a breast or dairy mix. Very often children cease to wake up at night and begin to sleep deeply on joy to all members of household.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team