How to disaccustom the child to night feedings

How to disaccustom the child to night feedings

In life of any feeding mom there comes the period when time to disaccustom the child to night feedings came. At the age of six months the kid can quite do without food within six hours. During this time nervous system of the child has to be completely recovered and mom's dream has to be full too. Her health depends on it in the afternoon. Process of the termination of night feedings has to be absolutely painless both for the kid, and for mom. It has to pass step by step and gradually, for this purpose it is necessary to adhere to several councils.


1. The period of refusal needs to be chosen when the child is not separated from mom in the afternoon. It is more than caress and tenderness in the afternoon, and the kid quite perhaps will not look for at night mother's attention.

2. As much as possible to be prepared for process and quite without serious consequences to disaccustom the child to night feedings, it is necessary to watch that the kid received enough food in the afternoon. To six-month-old age the child begins active pastime therefore food has to be quite enough.

3. In the evening before going to bed it is possible to suggest the kid to eat. For this purpose it is possible even to wake him if he fell asleep. At night he will be full, and the dream will last slightly longer.

4. At the moments of night feeding it is necessary to reduce gradually both portions, and feeding time. In the first days of refusal it is necessary to try to increase an interval between each feeding as much as possible. If the child sleeps with mom, it is necessary to stack the curtailed blanket between the child and her. So he will catch less a smell of mom and to ask to eat.

5. Reducing the number of meals, it is possible to disaccustom the child to night feedings quickly. It is necessary to come to that once again the kid fell asleep without small bottle or a mother's breast. For this purpose it needs to be ironed on a back, to calm, talk to it. Quietly, but it is strongly necessary to tell that "we will a little have a sleep, and then we will eat". In most cases the child after several such ukachivaniye quite quietly sleeps at night.

6. Mom's smell very much affects the kid. Therefore the effective way of refusal of a night feeding up is the help of dad. Fathers most often manage to lay the child quietly. The kid is nervous less and very quickly falls asleep on father's hands.

7. This way works for those parents who apply artificial feeding. Mix needs to be dissolved with water so that finally in a small bottle there was only water.

8. All these councils are acceptable for those parents who really want to disaccustom the child to night feedings. Councils do not treat the period of a disease of the kid, a teething. But there is a certain part of parents, it is quite comfortable to them to feed the kid at night, and it does not bring them discomfort. The proximity of the kid, a unification when feeding are pleasant to many mothers. And they consider that he will gradually be disaccustomed to night feedings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team