How to disaccustom the child to pampers

How to disaccustom the child to pampers

There are no uniform standards determining the age when use of disposable diapers is unacceptable. Usually parents are guided by ability of the child to use a pot, and these two processes happen in parallel and in several stages.


1. Decide on terms. It is possible to begin to disaccustom the child to pampers about one year – to land over a sink. Minus of such way is that not each child quickly seizes skills and begins to ask independently. Often this period drags on very for a long time and mom should go constantly with a rag, to wash things and furniture. The second option is to wait when the kid matures and it will be ready. The concept of a physiological maturity is based, on ability of the kid to suffer, and belongs closer to two-year age. When to begin schooling to a pot – business individual.

2. Land the child on a pot in certain time. Suggest the kid to descend on a pot after each acceptance of food, before walk, a dream and during the day. Do not refuse pampers at once – try "to land", removing it as pants.

3. You praise the kid. Set result by a praise. It is not necessary to waste in the afternoon compliments and to admire the child who independently asked on a pot. But to praise and explain for what – it is obligatory.

4. Leave pampers for the night and on walk. If the child already asks on a pot and houses does without pampers, then make secure still some time on the street and during sleep. You do not force an event – the child not quite is self-controlled and can not always control urinations. Especially often it can be shown in a new situation or when the kid is keen on something.

5. Never abuse the child for wet panties. The negative behavior can lead to disorders of urination. Why to abuse the kid for what parents are guilty of. Analyze the behavior – whether not too early you began to disaccustom the child to pampers whether the kid is ready.

6. Gradually refuse pampers. Begin with walks – in warm time on the child has to be a minimum of clothes which are if something happens easy for removing or changing. The last remove pampers for the night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team