How to disaccustom the child to pampers at night

How to disaccustom the child to pampers at night

Many parents ask a question how and when it is better to disaccustom the kid to diapers at night. Recommendations of how to disaccustom the child at night to pampers, a set, but it is worth allocating some moments which will help to keep health, forces and nerves of parents and the kid.


1. Questions of "pot" always held the top places of "charts" of children's problems. And if in the afternoon everything is more or less clear to parents (with different degree of success), then pampersat nightconfusion causes to disaccustom the child to often. And a problem, actually, not so much in often demonized pampers which, to be fair, considerably simplified life, how many in conscious control of urination.

2. The most important council which can be given in this question – you should not hurry, looking back at children of acquaintances and neighbors. Of course, it is unpleasant to each mom to realize that her kid lags behind peers, but each child has time frames of development. Only when the bladder of the kid will reach the sizes capable to contain enough liquid, and the muscles which are responsible for deduction of urine will gain necessary strength, and the brain - "will ripen", it makes sense to remove pampers for the night. Otherwise – you only in vain will spoil to yourself both the child a dream and nerves.

3. The ability to control urination at children develops on average between one and a half and three years, and finally the reflex is fixed in four years. Some researches indicate correlation between regulation of urination and ability independently, putting serially legs, to walk upstairs that, most likely, is connected with development of muscles of a bladder.

4. Anyway, if during the day the child steadily himself asks and goes to a pot, then it is possible to try to refuse "night pampers". If stability is not observed yet, then time did not come yet.

5. In effect, to disaccustom to pampers especially and it is not necessary, the main thing is correct to choose time and to support a little as you helped when the kid took the first steps – it was his decision, it "ripened". And here. Couple of simple recommendations, we will hope, will help you with this difficult business.

6. First, it is necessary to limit liquid consumption in the evening. It does not mean at all that the child should refuse drink, it is simple to reduce volumes gradually. Besides, not to offer for night of diuretic drinks.

7. Secondly, if the child wakes up or tosses and turn, then it is possible to suggest him to descend in a toilet. No more. To set the alarm clock, to pull the child each two hours, thoughtlessly it is not necessary to develop a reflex, and sometimes and dangerously – enuresis and other neurotic states can develop. Keep forces and nerves for other purposes.

8. Well and of course, stock up with patience. The main thing – do not try to achieve fanatically "objective", sometimes it is more reasonable "to recede" for a while and then everything will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team