How to disaccustom the child to pull everything in a mouth

How to disaccustom the child to pull everything in a mouth

The Sosatelny reflex is present at each newborn baby. Thanks to it the baby knows for sure how to take a mother's breast it is correct also what actions need to be made that from it milk went. However the mouth is necessary to the small child not only for food, but also for calm and even for studying the world around. However, till certain time. After achievement of one-year-old age by the kid the main task of his parents is to disaccustom the child to pull everything in a mouth.


1. To disaccustom the child to pull everything in a mouth, demonstrate to it that it is much more interesting to consider the stone lifted from the earth eyes and to turn in hands, than pull in a mouth, and then to spit out the sand and dirt which stuck to it.

2. Be consecutive and always prove the bans. Try to explain very well to the kid that a stone absolutely tasteless, and they can choke. Ask to take it in a hand, and put a piece of sweet roll or cookies in a mouth. Teach the kid to differentiate accurately objects which he can pull in a mouth and which it is impossible.

3. Play with the kid finger-type games more often. They not only improve attention and imagination, but also contribute to the development of tactile feelings. Are the simple, easily memorable and popular finger-type games for children "Forty the beloboka porridge cooked …" and "This finger – the grandfather, this finger – the grandmother …". As a result of such regular trainings of the handle of the child at acquaintance to objects, new to it, will come out on top.

4. In the course of breaking of the child it is very important to pull everything in a mouth constancy. If you forbid the kid to take in a mouth the stones and sticks lifted from the earth, various souvenirs decorating a house interior, and other forbidden objects, surely tell about all this to other immediate family of the baby: to dad, grandmothers, grandfathers, elder brothers and sisters. It is very important that they also did not allow the child to pull everything that occurs in its path to a mouth.

5. Be not upset if despite all your efforts, the child continues to take the forbidden objects in a mouth. Do not lower a hand and do not give up. Over time the kid will pack things, interesting to it, in a pocket, a bucket or kulechek, but it will not pull in a mouth them any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team