How to disaccustom the child to spit

How to disaccustom the child to spit

The child studies generally on examples. Everything that is put in him positive and negative, he gathered from the world around. Parents can impart to the child kindness, compassion and attention to the neighbor, having excluded manifestations of anger and aggression in family. But sooner or later there is a need to correct negative impact of the outside world.


1. It does not make sense to abuse the child if it spits, attacks other children and establishes by different other ways the leadership. Teach him to attention to people, otherwise the aggressive behavior will become a habit. If your child pushed the age-mate or spat in him, show how it is necessary to do, but do not explain how it is not necessary.

2. Approach the offended child and regret him, pay him as much as possible attention. Having seen as someone another spits and fights, tell the child: "To the kid it is bad and painful, we will go and we will intercede for him. We do not want that it was offensive for someone?". Play together with children, send energy of the child to the course of good.

3. It "is impossible" in a concept of the child absolutely not that this word means for you. He spits, you say that it cannot be done, but he spits again to prove to you what is quite possible. You have to show the behavior that such behavior is unacceptable. Do not swear and do not shout, of course, do not beat the child and do not spit in reply. So you only claim the child in opinion that all this can be done.

4. Quite often the kid spits or arranges a hysterics only to look at your emotional reaction, some kind of entertainment turns out. Mom tells new words, gesticulates, "throws thunders and lightnings" - than not a show? Therefore you just should be developed and leave, having told that to spit silly.

5. Give all the attention to the victim of spittles of the child, without paying attention to an aggressor. All family members have to behave also, without exception. If the grandmother be touched to such behavior of the grandson, all your education will take place for nothing. But with the grandmother it is necessary to speak not at the child not to entertain his dismantling of adults.

6. If the kid spat in dad, mom says what at us in family is so not done and is sorry offended, and quietly expels the child from the room. Never smile and do not laugh to especially "successful" spittle of the child, otherwise he will draw a conclusion that the actions it gives pleasure to people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team