How to disaccustom the child to swing

How to disaccustom the child to swing

Of course, it is unpleasant to you if your kid is picked a nose, gnaws nails or it is monotonously shaken in a bed. And it is even more unpleasant that to disaccustom children to all these addictions happens extremely difficult. Sometimes parents and in confusion: from where do similar habits undertake? We did not set an example how to gnaw nails or to be picked a nose? If you decided to fight against addictions of your child – have patience, act consistently and try do not make mistakes. How to try to save the kid from bad habit – to shake in a bed?


1. For a start you have to understand that the child not to spite of you is shaken in a bed or on a chair. The child does it instinctively, derives pleasure and positive emotions from the actions. Most likely, the kid lacks other pleasures in life, there is not enough feeling of safety. Think, can you it you embrace a little, you kiss, you put on knees? Or it is not enough enough no entertainments, time he tries to entertain himself in this way.

2. Sometimes the help of the expert is simply necessary. For example, at mom the pregnancy proceeded with any pathology or there was difficult delivery. All these factors can affect also health of the kid. Only he will be able to define – a patrimonial trauma at your child or just deficiency of attention and caress.

3. It is not necessary to punish the child for his habit to be shaken. You will injure only once again its mentality and by that you will even more push to the same actions – the vicious circle will turn out. Punishment is absolutely senseless here. Pay to the kid more attention, embrace and caress it.

4. If the child has a need for rhythmical movements (rockings) – buy the kid a swing, and let the whole day shake on them though! Thus, you also will entertain the child, and will save him from an addiction, and satisfy his need for rocking.

5. Well for the night to the child to make the light weakening massage in the form of strokings. It is possible to sing at the same time something or to tell. It will help to take off fatigue, tension, and besides, the child feels your heat, caress and attention.

6. Of course, quickly to get rid of an addiction it will not turn out, it is necessary to have patience. If the child liked to shake year himself in a bed before going to bed, then about a year and to you it will be required to watch constantly that was what to occupy the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team