How to disaccustom the child to the computer

How to disaccustom the child to the computer

Did you never notice that streets of the yards become empty every year? Children's disputes are not heard, the broken windows from a soccerball are not visible, began a rarity to see the children who are playing hide-and-seek. Only absolutely kids dart about on a sandbox together with young mothers. Where all children? And children, it appears, houses play with best "friend" - the computer. Why to them a game in ""war game"" when, staying at home on a soft chair, it is possible to play "shooter". Why to look for friends behind bushes and to rush with a phrase "Paly-galy-za itself" when there is such genre of a game as quest and puzzles. The computer deprives of the child of the childhood. Try to change a situation with the help of councils.

It is required to you

  • - children's books, magazines;
  • - board games;
  • - accessories to needlework;
  • - collection of outdoor games for the street.


1. The computer – achievement of technical progress, an entertaining thing, but it is necessary to use it as required. Children play games, communicate, sit on social networks, all look through in thousands advertizing banners days without a break. Such pastime has negative effect on the child both indirectly, and physically. Certainly, it is impossible to throw out the equipment from the house, it is not an exit. It is impossible to swear, punish, threaten categorically - it will result in boomerang effect. If for you the computer became the enemy against whom it is necessary to battle for the child, follow the intuition and these hints.

2. Talk to the child, find out that the computer means to it that it gives it and what deprives of. So to speak, estimate the situation with which you will interfere. Perhaps, the son or the daughter understand that it is wrong, but do not know how independently to break off this "friendship". You can tell about the relation to the equipment, tell that you did when computers were not, ask and what would be done by your children if to throw them on 40 years ago, for example.

3. Offer the child alternative pastime. Buy fascinating magazines or the book, the designer or board game. To girls suggest to be engaged in an embroidery, knitting or beadwork. Perhaps the young skilled worker has a talent for preparation of tasty sweets.

4. The example of the relation to the computer has to proceed from parents. Work in front of the monitor strictly in certain time, included – made – switched off. You should not leave the equipment working for a background as the TV. Explain that a computer five-hour sit-round gathering is an addiction.

5. Find for children time: visit cinema, performances, the museums, parks. You go hiking and on a visit. Communicate more, impart love for the nature, making a trip for mushrooms or berries. Prove to the child that around there are one thousand interesting things about which he does not know at all, intrigue, carry away children information.

6. Show to little fidgets in what it is possible to play in the street what games were relevant in your time. It is probable what children do not know, than to occupy itself. Explain rules of the game of "Cowboys and Indians", "-hope-help out Tea!", "More haste less speed".

7. Determine time in which the child can be at the computer. For example, from 17:00 till 19:00, but after the executed lessons and household chores.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team