How to disaccustom the child to torment a cat

How to disaccustom the child to torment a cat

Children of preschool age sometimes incorrectly treat pets: torment, tease, frighten. At the same time not only pets, but also kids suffer, animals are aggressive. And even quite peaceful creations are capable to become angry or be frightened and scratch or to bite the child for self-defense.


1. If your child offends a cat and does not listen to your admonitions, think that he can cause his aggressive games. It is possible the cause is not the temperament of the kid, but cartoons and books in which heroes are rude and show the force and superiority over weak. Then it is clear of whom he follows an example and why does not want to leave a cat alone. This only being in the house over which the child can dominate. Show to the kid only kind, quiet cartoons which correspond to his age. Limit time in front of the TV depending on age. Anyway the preschool child can look at the screen no more than 20 minutes daily.

2. Control a situation. Do not throw the child and a cat without supervision. As soon as the kid offends an animal, do not begin to abuse and drag the son or the daughter. Try to replace tactics and express support and sympathy to a cat. Regret it, stroke, take on hands. It is necessary to do it, of course, if the animal did not grow furious from inhuman treatment. Otherwise be limited only to words. On some children attention to another I exist works stronger, than a negative in the address.

3. Watch yourselves. If someone from adults expresses neglect to house animals, shugat and abuses them, the child can adopt negative attitude, only express it at the physical level. Pets need to be loved, to appreciate, care and cherish. The example show how it is correct to treat a cat that it needs to be ironed only from the head to a tail, not to touch in a stomach and not to pull for a tail. Acquaint the kid with process of care for it. Even if the child still small, perhaps, he will be able to fill at least to a cat in a bowl of sterns. Read more and tell about animals, always draw the attention of the child to street cats and explain that they need care and a shelter.

4. Perhaps, the child torments a cat when needs your attention. He already accurately understood that as soon as the animal begins to mew in his embraces, you resort and swear. As the negative attention for the kid is all the same best of all, than full ignoring from parents, he repeats this scenario again and again. Means it is necessary to play, be engaged, develop more with it. Of course, you cannot be engaged round the clock only in the kid, you have affairs. Saturate the son or the daughter with the attention and love and only then go on the affairs. Then probability that the child will attract you with the bad behavior, will become less.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team