How to disaccustom the child to write to trousers

How to disaccustom the child to write to trousers

Process of breaking of the kid demands to write to trousers much parental work and time. Therefore, mastering this science, stock up with patience and begin to act. What to begin with?


1. First of all, to disaccustom yours the baby to celebrate needs in trousers, it is necessary to get a pot. The modern market offers the huge choice of pots: and with convenient ledges, both with a stool, and with armrests, and with a back, and even musical. You remember, it surely has to be convenient in use, steady and made of safe plastic.

2. Starting breaking process, refuse disposable diapers in the afternoon and observe how often the bladder is emptied. Let the kid feel discomfort from damp panties and lets you know that it is necessary to change clothes of it. If after depletion the baby goes about the own business further and does not attach it significance, change clothes of it and try to explain what she should not be written and crapped in trousers.

3. Do not abuse at all the child if he after all described trousers. Do not forget that on development of any skill the time is required.

4. Think up gestures by means of which your kid could let you know that he wants in a toilet. Do not forget to acquaint these gestures with all who take part in education of your baby.

5. Keep in mind, much quicker the kid gets used to new skill if the pot has a certain place. As soon as you notice that the baby became silent, changed a look or holds panties, bring it to a pot.

6. In order that the tot ceased to write to trousers, try to include a pot in daily unostentatious games. Land it twice within one hour. At the same time you remember, you should not force to sit the child on a pot too long. Show result of its works and surely praise.

7. If the kid comes off a pot at once, try to take it on weight over it. Or put on it a doll and demonstrate as it pisat on a pot, gravies imperceptibly of water in it. Then praise a doll that the child understood that it is bad to write to trousers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team