How to disaccustom the kid is at night

How to disaccustom the kid is at night

Feeding of babies is carried out in several hours. And until, until to the kid several months were executed, parents have no thoughts of how to disaccustom the child is at night. But there pass months, and a quiet dream does not come, and then the problem of night feedings becomes current. It is difficult to reconstruct a diet of the kid, but it is possible.


1. Before stopping night feedings, it is necessary to remember that at chest feeding they are obligatory. Otherwise hormone prolactin thanks to which the lactation is supported will not be simple to be produced.

2. If the child eats each several hours, at first try to stretch intervals between feedings. Thus their number will be reduced.

3. When the child eats at night, it is possible to assume that he does not gorge on in the afternoon. In this case increase the volume of the last evening feeding or make it more dense. The last is suitable for the children who are already receiving a feeding up.

4. Often children manage to eat, even without waking up. Therefore to break off a circle of night feedings, it is necessary to awake the child every time when he asks milk. Scandal in this case is almost inevitable and it is necessary to be ready to crying, but the probability that next time the child it will not be simple to wake up, it is rather big.

5. For the children who stepped a boundary of the first year of life and did not give up a habit is at night, it is possible to offer mix not from a bottle, and from a mug. Similar drink also demands awakening and concentration. When the kid needs not food, but calm from a sucking reflex, the similar way can be rather productive.

6. One more option is a reduction of volumes of night feedings. Gradually reduce amount of mix, having minimized it which replace with usual water subsequently. The child gets used that there is no tasty milk any more, and ceases to wake up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team